Corval Energy Ltd. is a private company focused on oil exploration and production in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Corval started in late 2012 acquiring a small asset base of approximately 200 barrels of oil per day from a private trust and raising $33 million in equity from 2 private equity firms with the strategy of developing the assets it acquired and expanding the land and opportunity base into both Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Corval is focused on large resource play opportunities with multiyear drilling inventories where it can acquire a significant land base at high working interests and operatorship .



Corval’s common shares are not listed, traded or quoted on any stock exchange. They are also not redeemable by the company. The only way you can convert your holdings to cash is by selling your shares of Corval. Registered dealers may facilitate trades of the Company’s common shares to eligible purchasers through the grey market. Since grey market securities are not traded or quoted on an exchange or interdealer quotation system, investor’s bids and offers are not collected in a central spot so market transparency is diminished and best execution of orders is difficult. The sale of the Company’s common shares through the grey market is at the shareholder’s own risk and the Company does not endorse such trades.

The Company understands that Acumen Capital Partners Limited, a registered dealer, has previously organized trades in Corval’s common shares on the grey market. Please contact the dealer with inquiries regarding trading your common shares on the grey market.

Brian Parker
President & CEO
Acumen Capital Partners